The MENA Scholarship Program

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A Partnership between The Coca-Cola Company and the United States Department of State

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The Coca-Cola Company and the United States Department of State are pleased to announce
the MENA Scholarship Program for 2017

The Coca-Cola Company & the U.S. Department of State are partnering for the 6th consecutive year to sponsor 100 university students from 7 different countries across the Middle East and North Africa to attend a month-long business program focused on entrepreneurship at Indiana University’s prestigious Kelley School of Business, one of the top-ranked business programs in the United States.

This multi-faceted, immersion scholarship program is designed to give a group of students the opportunity to learn about business education through an accelerated curriculum. The program, which begins in late June 2017, is fully funded, including travel to and within the United States, accommodations, meals, and university and visa fees.

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! Please note that the program will take place towards the very end of Ramadan and travel dates can’t be amended. Indiana University is well aware of Ramadan and will make accommodations for attending scholarship winners.

During 2016’s website application phase, while reviewing submissions, we came across a large number of users that had registered accounts with fake emails. Last year, we rectified this by removing all votes that were submitted by registered accounts with any of the following domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gmail.comr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Top 25 voted ideas will still automatically make it to the semi-final round. The Coca-Cola Company reviews all submissions and will also hand-select applicants based on strength of idea to go to the semi-final round as well.
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